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Rhubarb Crumble

An Electron-powered desktop app, this wraps a command line tool for generating mouth shapes from audio files and animates them using images of lips. This was for a BBC Digital Guerrillas project to output quick animated video without manual lipsyncing work.

YouTube Dubber

Another fun BBC Digital Guerrillas hack, this simple app lets you take the audio from one YouTube video and add it to the video from another. Hours of stupid, silly entertainment.

Snow Messages

A silly hack for a Christmas house party, this was running on our TV while we had a houseful of friends, showing their festive messages as they added them to the list. I accept no responsibility for their messages' content.


This was sadly never launched, but it was a fully-featured realtime chat/video app, using BBC iPlayer programme data to provide a synchronised chat room where remote friends could watch a show together, pause/play/skip at the same time, and sent text/emoji reactions.


This is a work-in-progress webapp, built to aid my Dungeons & Dragons sessions with friends. While there are plenty of D&D apps out there, most are either too ugly or too advanced for my usage, so I built this one to solve a few things.

Mates vs Monsters

A much-revised Twitter-based game, masterminded by my friend and colleague Joseph Bell and built to allow you to choose your friends (using Twitter's API), enter a dungeon with them and battle monsters and answer questions about them. A BBC Digital Guerrillas project.

What is That?

A BBC Science project which showed a variety of microscope images where users had to guess what they were seeing. I built two interfaces: the rotating desktop one and a mobile carousel version, as well as an AngularJS-powered quiz.

Thirteen: Find the Girl

Another BBC Digital Guerrillas project, this featured half a dozen websites including computer hacking games, in-browser image editors, blogs, laptop tracking websites and more – all to support BBC Three's well-received Thirteen show in 2016.


Transfigure was a BBC Digital Guerrillas project which took currency values from webpages (eg. £6.99, $120m, €843,422) and converted them to their equivalents in silly, topical values (eg. Freddo bars, footballer salaries, etc). I developed it from a browser extension into a webapp.


My first BBC Digital Guerrillas project, this takes news headlines from the BBC and outputs them at high speed, one word at a time. It also uses new HTML5 APIs to output generated sound, producing mildly-annoying music to accompany the headlines.

Off The Record

This is a monthly event I run in my home of Birmingham where a bunch of music-loving nerds get together in a pub and listen to an album (matching a theme) together, in full. It's grown from half a dozen geeks in a room to almost 25 people showing up to share music, chat and beers.

Who Voted What

This scratched an itch: for the London Mayoral Elections I had no idea what ward I lived in, but wanted to see how mine had voted. Published election data didn't make this easy, so I built this site to allow postcode searching, and added some "badges" to gamify the whole thing.

I'm a Pretender

I'm A Pretender is a print zine I've sporadically published since the mid-2000s when I was at university. It's a mix of prose writing and occasional forays into poetry (less so as I finished university), mixed with more editorial features and all printed on recycled paper in black-and-white.

Scene Point Blank

Scene Point Blank is a website I co-founded back in the aeons of time (2003) as a teenager. It's still going today, reviewing albums, interviewing bands and sharing news about the latest punk, hardcore, indie, alternative and hip-hop music.